The Third Space - Pop-Up Art Centre 

In June 2015, I pitched my idea of a pop-up art centre to Winchester City Council. I wanted the centre to be based in Stanmore, a local housing estate, after I realised there were no performance opportunities there at the time. Although Winchester University has performance spaces there is little variety in audiences. Audience feedback is integral when creating performance work and by sharing our performance-making processes, I hoped both the students and local residents would benefit.  

By September, the venue of Stanmore Community Centre was finalised and I booked ten events for the next ten weeks.  I named The Third Space after the social theory of third spaces or places and ran the project as a research investigation that acted as a pilot, creating a test model for future community arts projects, gathering first-hand research into community arts.


The aims of the Third Space were:

            To explore if an arts venue in Stanmore would be commercially viable

            To investigate the impact of community arts on artists and audiences

            To investigate the impact of arts funding and digital media consumption on community arts

Through the process of exploring these aims, I hoped my exploration would become a socio-political intervention, facilitating a stronger community through creative collaboration.


Combining my accumulated strands of research through this project provided a clearer understanding of community arts engagement. In sharing this knowledge, the project joins the current discourse surrounding arts in society. I find the importance of joining this growing discussion especially pronounced when working in practice-based research; we continually strive for self-awareness, and in making our own investigations we retain some power over our increasingly socially constructed and digitally documented lives. By collaboratively harnessing the power of creative arts alongside new technologies we can aid wellbeing.

Follow this link to see a Prezi Presentation about the Third Space Project :