The Movement Booth

Conceived and Created by Eleanor Chownsmith

The booth generates a flow of movement that passes through its participants, a process designed to be analogous to the speed and spread of information transmission in the digital age; this analogy is reinforced by the booth’s use of interactive technologies: Arduino Uno and visual coding language Max/MSP/Jitter. 

The finished installation represented human absorption into digital culture, as well as functioning as a choreographic tool for developing movement and recycling previous dance material. The recordings collected from the booth made it possible to map the strength of individual movements and connect these findings to the contagion of ideas in online social networks

With this in mind, interdisciplinary dance works that utilise technology seem to be an evolving tool for reflecting not only who we are right now but also our questions about what the future holds. Exhibited at Alfred University, New York, 2015.

Paper for the Arts in Society Journal Coming Soon