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At this stage in the project, the final piece will be to create an interactive installation alongside a live performance. The software would be available in the space for people to try out for themselves and the performance is both a demonstration of the choreographic potential of the software as well as a creative work in and of itself.


Although I can see this project so clearly in my mind, I do not have the skills to fully flesh it out. Therefore, I have asked some friends for help in their specialist skills.

Software: Jakub Drga

Jakub is my housemate as well as a software programmer from the Czech Republic. For this project he helped me by creating the software in Java and in exchange I gave him English lessons. This was a wonderful collaboration, as he is currently looking for job opportunities in London, I was able to help him with his applications and the project provided him with a chance to use some new skills. He taught me more about MSQL and the basics of Java development.

The important part of this collaboration was communication for both sides. As an artist that wants to continue working with software developers, it was important for me to know how to explain my concept. For Jakub this was also good practice, finding which questions to ask in order to get a full view of the clients needs. To do this we arranged meetings where I would talk though the ideas I had, along with diagrams and examples. Jakub then came up with a rough time line of what he thought would be possible to build. We met once or twice a week to work on the software and talk through alterations. Due to Jakub’s software skills the program quickly looked far more advanced then I had expected. We called the software IIDC (if the internet could dance). Through this collaboration I gained confidence with talking through ideas, balancing workloads, sharing authorship and improved my skills in MYSQL.  As the work progresses we plan to continue working together on updates to the software.

 Jakub at Compilers 'Play Safe' opening night

Jakub at Compilers 'Play Safe' opening night

Dancers: Charlotte Jane Ackary-Hawthorn, Alisa Blakeney, Amy Louise Cartwright, My Johansson, Ella Frampton, Erica Moshman

The dancers are all from a variety of places, Goldsmiths, Laban and Winchester. All have dance training apart form Alisa Blakeney who is a non-dancer but who wanted to ‘give it a go’. These dancers had never met before and come from different locations and dance background. I thought this would be a great way to showcase IIDC’s ability to accommodate dance of any style and skill level, as well as promote creative collaborative dance making.

Unfortunately, due to busy schedules, rehearsals for the work had to be made either with individual dancers or in twos. This meant that the work formed into a collection of solos, duets and small groups. In the last week we were able to rehearse together, to create group sections and a running order. Nonetheless I kept everyone informed and posted videos of all the sections on our shared Facebook page. This was a space to arrange meetings and for the girls to see the work coming together.

 The Dancers after their performance at Compiler's 'Play Safe'

The Dancers after their performance at Compiler's 'Play Safe'

When and Where

Alongside this project I have also been developing a mobile project space called Compiler. This was born out of frustration that there were no available exhibition spaces for digital work from young artists to engage with the public. After fruitless meetings with the Lewisham Council we found a home for our first exhibition in the basement of a local café called ‘Out of the Brew’.

If the Internet could Dance formed part of this first exhibition, which ran from the 6th-8th of April. The software stayed in the space for the duration of the show and the choreography was performed for the opening night.