The Software

In summary, this work is a translation tool.

From Website --> HTML --> Dance Notation --> Movement, and poetically back again.

It aims to give back some of the movement we have lost through our use of technologies, by using these technologies as the starting point of movement creation.

Many people engaged with the software, at the beginning of the exhibition when it was less crowded I had a chance to talk with individuals. I found out their thoughts and gave some background to the work. This was especially rewarding as the people I spoke to all seem to have an idea of where this work could develop. For example one lady suggested that this could be an interesting data analytics tool, suggesting that I could be paid by corporate companies to turn their websites into performances. These could then be shown at their conferences. She was very passionate and said that I should patent the software. This was something I had never thought about while making the work, however imagining bringing contemporary and experimental dance making into a corporate setting would definitely be an interesting experiment, especially if I was able to pay my dancers. However, most people saw what I had imagined, teaching workshops in both HTML and dance notation, many people said that it was a less scary way of dancing or making movement and an introduction to HTML.

The usability of the software seemed to be self-explanatory enough, helped by the layout of the screen. Most people could tell what they need to do. However, I noticed that nearly everyone wanted to hit the enter key to load the dance notation. In this version of the software you could only click the load button. Having seen this we have since updated the software.

Jakub was great to have at the exhibition with me, as he was able to describe in more detail the technical aspects of the work to those who are interested. He was especially excited to see the software in action, as he had not seen the dance experiments or choreography so far. I have a feeling it was actually a bit emotional for him.