The Dance Work

At 7:30pm the dance performance was scheduled to begin. Myself and the three other compiler members gave a short ‘thank you’ speech and then I introduced the dance work. This pause allowed us to section the gallery, clearing the performance space and allowing the audience to gather at the back. When the dancers got into position many people sat down on the floor, which I had not expected but was pleasantly surprised. I played the music from the back of the space. 

The performers did extremely well following their queues and performing with sincerity. The combination of the eerie music and their abstract movements gave the work a slightly sinister but still strangely peaceful feel. With a round of applause at the end the feedback from many of the audience was that they would like to see more dance in galleries and at gallery events. Indeed, this did break up the evening and provided a good talking point. They also said it showed them how this type of work had multiple layers, as a choreographic tool, a research tool, a workshop opportunity and an artistic reaction to contemporary digital culture. In this way I achieved what I set out to do. 

However, this could not be eclipsed by the pride I always feel for my dancers. The fact that they had only rehearse together once, not knowing each other, and especially Alisa who had never danced before made me so grateful to them, for putting in the time and creative energy.

I asked for the performance to be filmed by our photographer, however in hindsight I should have figured out where he should stand before the performance started. Because of this, he stood at the front but found it hard as he was next to the pillar. For the beginning you may see more of the pillar than the dancers, however he later finds a better position. Nonetheless, this something to keep in mind for future events in this space.